Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yay -- The First SS Gifts I have received ever!!!

I received the best gifts from SmallChange today. She is my SS on the School's Out SS Thread on the Cricut MB. Below is a Cobalt Blue (my favorit color) Fiesta Disk Pitcher. What is really odd is that I put on my SS survey that I LOVED Cobalt Blue, but made no mention of the fact that I collect Fiesta!!!!! Wierd, huh?

A Cobalt Blue Fiesta Relish Tray!

Penny also sent me several other items also and they are shown below and itemized here:

Antique Charm Collection

Repositionable AlphaBitties (these look like they were made with pieces of wood, which are perfect since we camp alot and I will be scrapping our camping adventures!)

Red, White & Blue Finishing accents with "America" beaded -- DH and I are both veterans and very patriotric to our country!

Self-Adhesive Accents - Teardrop Rain Dots in 2 Separate Colors -- I have never used these before. Can't wait to try them.

Package of Stitched Accents - these are cool also! I already have an idea for them....

Eyelets!!! Since I am just beginning to use these --this is awesome. Now I have a collection of colors to choose from!

Star Dust Stickles!!!!! Yay!!! A new color to add to my small collection!

3 -- Sets of Premade cards with matching envelopes. I can't wait to use these also!!!!

Thanks Penny!!! The Gifts are awesome and much appreciated!

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